Friends of George Stray Dogs

Friends of George Stray Dogs

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George Orfanidis has been rescuing animals in Crete, Greece for 25 years. He has around 120 dogs at his shelter. George often takes disabled animals or those requiring expensive surgery or with an ongoing need for medication for diseases such as leishmaniasis, who might otherwise struggle to find the safety of a shelter and are hard to find homes for. With George they find safety and love. We are on Facebook and Instagram Facebook link -

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Lukes Salami Tsunami

George Stray Dogs Non Profit

Help George to fund medication for the dogs - which is delivered in a slice of salami.

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Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson
Teaming Manager

30/01/2024 23:39 h

Thank you everyone who is part of our Teaming group and welcome to the new Teamers. Thank you for joining our group

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nadia berquet

30/01/2024 11:43 h

thank you for your work <3 nadia berquet

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