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Joachim Nusch
Joachim Nusch, Teaming Manager, el 23/06/2021  a las 12:05h

Varanasi to lead the world to humanity Pandits of Vedic Educational Research Society blew conch to start the year long awareness program on World Yoga Day to awake the specific vibration, the core of the universe.

Varanasi, June 21:

Fifty-one Vedic pandits of Varanasi launched a global sound meditation campaign by blowing conch on the occasion of World Yoga Day.

Starting today from Jagat Shishya Ved Mandir located in Chittupur, this sadhna will run throughout the year in more than 60 countries of the world. On the upcoming Yoga Day, 21st June 2022, people all over the world will blow conch together. It will include 8000 people blowing conch on the banks of Ganga in Varanasi.
Renowned astrologer and Vedic scientist Pandit Shivpujan Chaturvedi, adressing media men, said that this wonderful program that established Varanasi as the focal point of world welfare, will probably also be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Pandit Chaturvedi said that at the root of the universe lies the sound of Om, which regulates and governs the entire universe. Now European scientists are also beginning to accept this fact. Our sages have given the message of knowing this original sound and living a happy life with the help of various mantras since thousands of years ago.

Pandit Chaturvedi said that the Vedic Sadhaks of the Society after more than 20 years of intensive research on this subject have established that there is a specific sound inside each individual which is the root of his existence. Which can be understood and achieved through meditation.

This sound is no longer perceptible to human beings in present times due to noise pollution, environmental pollution, toxic thoughts and living habits. Due to which the man is tormented by the pain of inner restlessness and inner noise. He told that such human beings become unable to concentrate. They keep floating in the emotions of love and hate, like and dislike, hope and despair, greed and passion.

He said that in order to solve this global problem, the Society in collaboration with Joachim Nusch, international Chairman of 'The Light of Varanasi and Vedharma Network, - Vedic Education Research Society, has launched a campaign to make people aware and train about this special practice by conducting sound meditation sessions throughout the world throughout the year.

People from more than 60 countries of the world have joined the campaign and are joining fast.

Pandit ji said that the conch has been the original instrument of sound in Vedic culture. The basic vowel of the conch corresponds to the original sound of Om. It is established by Ayurveda and modern scientific research that conch shell has amazing ability to spread purity by quenching negative sound and bacteria. Our aim is to arise the people to humanity and nature consciousness and enrich them with positive vibrations.

By this way, Varanasi has to be established as the focal point of human welfare and protection of nature in the world.

Organizing secretary Pt Jay Prakash Chaturvedi, society secretary professor Ram Keshwar Tiwary and leading vedic scholars and researchers participated in the program.

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