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Actualización de cómo va la causa
Alx Manolache
Alx Manolache, Teaming Manager, el 25/11/2023  a las 19:02h

Dear friends, it's that difficult time again when we need to withdraw the amount raised because we have no other option. The latest storm forced us to improve the fence and strengthen the "fortress" against the winter weather that's coming. In addition, we still have vet debts who we can't cover with the regular (small) donations. And as much as I hate withdrawing the money raised, which I consider a "safe deposit for black days" now its one of those times.
Thank you for the help, I'll be posting soon updates. Don't leave us alone, 1 euro from you monthly can really help!


Crissy Hodson
Crissy Hodson, Teamer, el 25/11/2023  a las 20:01h

It’s yours to do with as you see fit. We all trust your decision ❤️

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