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The Pegasus Sanctuary

Teamers: 83

Recaptat: 1 €

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Pip Meadows-Jones, Teamer, el 21/08/2020  a les 09:42h

Hi all, I think I've just become your hundreth 'teamer'! Felicity and co, I think you do a marvellous job and I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea. I support a lot of animal charities. If they all used this system I'd be able to support even more :-) and I'm sure they engage with a larger audience. I have shared on fb and twitter xoxo

Helen Styles Smith
Helen Styles Smith, Teaming Manager, el 22/08/2020  a les 15:55h

Wow! That’s amazing! Yes, you are our 100th Teamer . Thank you so much for signing up! X

Susan Young Young, Teamer, el 24/08/2020  a les 08:45h

Hi everyone, So now if we all recruit one more teamer each we could have 200 and so on. Good luck and let's hope we can soon achieve this goal. Congratulations on the Auction. Sue Young

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