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Miranda Elliott, Teaming Manager, el 11/02/2022  a las 18:55h

A tale of two cows
Bridget (front) and Penelope (back) came to the sanctuary last summer, two lucky survivors of a horrendous abuse case.
Bridget was so weak that she couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes at a time, and Penelope (whilst physically healthier) was the one who had been broken mentally by her experience.
Despite all our best efforts, Bridget sadly passed away last week at the age of 15. She was only with us for a short while but during that time she knew love, safety and comfort. Unfortunately we were unable to undo the impact that years of abuse did to her poor body, and she passed away peacefully in her barn with us by her side. The only comfort we can take is that she did not suffer in her death as most other cows do.
Penelope is fighting fit - literally. As she has gained in confidence and weight, she has become incredibly unpredictable and dangerous. She will randomly attack any human that comes near her, but we can't blame her as she has not known humans to be nice. We are currently caring for her at a safe distance, and hope she soon realises that all we want to give her is love and ginger cake xx

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