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Big V Sanctuary

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Miranda Elliott, Teaming Manager, el 14/04/2020  a les 10:29h

After a long day of caring for the garden folk, the human folk closed the end of the day together. Jacket potatoes on the fire and log sparklers ; archery, hide and seek and tall tales of phantoms and werewolves. Listening to the frogs start to call for mates in the lake while watching the super moon. Bats dipping above our heads, while the owls hoot and the peacocks call out their melancholy goodnight.
The lockdown doesn't change our human lives ; we are used to being isolated. From one month to the next we don't go out to bars or restaurants. Our lives revolve around the needs of the folk in our care, from the smallest to the large, we listen and watch. Our days start before dawn, in the darkness and finish on or after the sun dips below the horizon. The children aren't phased by what may come, or if the shops run out of food. As parents and guardians of so many, Jerome and I are only concerned with everyone's wellbeing.
We are enjoying the extra quietness of the world, the skies left undisturbed. The growing confidence of the wildlife around us. The air is cleaner, sweeter ; a noticeable lack of chemical spray and noxious car fumes. Our dream is that lessons can be learned and that compassion can be awakened, while people are locked away. May the human animal set forth again into a world, more quietly than before, with more reverence for the beauty of the home they depend on and all that inhabit within.

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