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monika maas
monika maas, Teaming Manager, el 12/01/2022  a las 16:06h

Hi everyone,
Sorry, that it took some more time to write this update. I have been busy and at school they were going back to normal daily schedule so I thought better to give an update from some month so there is some more news to share. One of the things happened at school has been the annual parents day. This is celebrated to get parents there for a meeting, give them talks about the education and create a better understanding between them and school. Also blanquettes for the most needed were distributed, as well as plants to create an ecological responsibility in the community. The same day as the parents meeting there were several performances of dance by the students, mostly girls. This might sound as something normal but some years ago, the parents would take out the girls from school if they get to know that they are dancing, they would say that, to be dancing better they help at home. So now the same parents are proud to see the performance of their daughters. So, we really made a change in the community, the way of parents thinking about a school, specially for girls. Another change is going on. Before, the parents would not care about some breakfast for the children as they would get lunch at school. Now they are sending their children with some breakfast to school. Also, referent to the dancing, the fact that in the events celebrated at school there are many times important guests, so the parents feel proud that their children get to know and dance in presence of these personalities. Fact is that the day of celebrating the day of disabilities the guests were members of the border security forces of Meru in Jarkhand, another state. That day they offered for the special children and other students a daytrip to the jungle. This became reality and has been an incredible experience for all the students. They made trips in boat, dancing, students helping the special kids, all together, having a trip in an open truck to see the jungle. All this organized by the border security forces and assisted by their soldiers, creating a relation of solidarity and friendship between the military forces and Bodhi Tree School. The special children usually don’t travel out of the village and many not even out of the house, so they are now in school living a real integration to the society. As well as now, they are not known with the name “the crazy” or “the idiot”, they are known by their names. Another important thing is that the higher casts are interacting with these children from lower casts, doing an important step in a country where the caste system is separating the society.
One more success, sad one, was that one of the dogs at the campus died. There was a funeral made with all students, chanting etc. This is a important change in that society. Usually, dogs are treated really bad. At the school the children have learned, just by example, that they deserve to be treated well and respected. With this funeral there is another start of change in the community. Once we got to know that one of the students, being at the village, saw somebody hitting a dog and told him to stop and not mistreat the animal because if the director of school would get to know he would punish him. It is an amazing change to a society with tolerance and respect for others and animals.
The special children have made some trips to nearby places, such as the theme park at the same Bodhgaya where many of them have never been, the park of biodiversity and to the river, which has no water but they enjoyed the sand and a picnic. All these activities are important for their development and are made in combination with the normal school schedule where they learn the rest.
Regarding the COVID the vaccinations at school are going on. Students, staff and special children are getting their vaccination. The students in age of 15 to 18 are getting the first one. Thanks to the government which made at school a point for vaccination.
Now, with the Omicron the government has put again restrictions but at school they are taking care and follow up of all students, specially the special students and all other who are part of Bodhi Tree School family.
Thanks for helping this incredible project to continue.

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