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monika maas
monika maas, Teaming Manager, el 08/11/2021  a las 07:45h

Hi everyone. The month October has been a month with a normal time at the school. The collection of bananas, rice and other vegetables in and around the campus is going on to make sure the nutritional health of the students.
We got a verbal collaboration with international special educators for collaboration with issues with the special children.
This month we got the sad news that one of our young volunteers died in an accident and at the campus was celebrated a “puya” (spiritual celebration) in her memory with the participation of all students. Bodhi Tree School is more than only a school, it is a family …
Also the birth anniversary of Gandhi was celebrated as his philosophy has a big influence on the educational system at Bodhi Tree School.
Without more news, this month has been a month of happiness and sadness.
Now I have a call for you:
One more year we are making calendars (for the wall) with photos of the school, really beautiful, which will be sold to help raising funds for the project. You can order yours or more. The idea is that you could sell them to friends and family. The payment has to be made in
advance and every calendar has a price of 6 Euros. The collection points will be in Madrid and Torrevieja (Alicante). If you are interested you can connect with me (Monika) 644438451. In the photos of this group I will put the photo of one of the month and you will have an idea how the calendars will be.
Thank you a lot for being part of this group of help for this project which is changing the life of many children.

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