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monika maas
monika maas, Teaming Manager, el 25/09/2021  a las 20:03h

Hi, here are some news from school:
The 15th of Agost officially the schools in India are open again. As you know, Bodhi tree school was already open before for the special children because of the situation and negligence they suffer at their homes and we saw also bad nutrition in many of them. It looks as the same Indians are becoming more sense for solidarity, so a private school, DPS, has donated all the text books for the children at school and EPC, an institute for English has sponsored a lunch for all children at school. Anyway, the director and founder of the project, Dhirendra Sharma, has always been trying to involve the “better” society in India in socialwork, making them conscious about the situation of poverty around them. This month of Agost was the celebration of teachers day, with more proudness this year as, thanks to the effort of all teachers, the students could get very good marks and get the certificate to continue their way in studies. At the school we never say goodbye to the students who finish the studies there, they are always welcome, get help wherever they need and even some of them get some financial help to continue study. You will see in the new fotos I added that they are visiting school. Bodhi Tree is same time school and a big family. The special children continue growing plants in their own nursery and selling them. Also there was a campaign “go green” where many plants have been distributed to the villagers to make the villages more green and the people more concious about ecosystem. In the same sense in the surrounding fields there was planted rice for the school to make it more sustainable, together with the vegetables grown at school also, the children can get a healthy lunch and the cost for lunch is reduced. Another possibility is making compost which will be one more project. For the health of special children they got supplements of vitamin C and zinc distributed for free. As events this month there was apart from teachersday and independence day also organized some football matches for students and youth from the villages. This has been more or less the month of Agost, work is going on, never stopping, even with this worldwide crisis. Actually no volunteers can come to school as the borders are still closed. Hopefully soon this will change and volunteers can come to give fresh and alternative ideas, interacting with students and youth and making a difference in how to see the world, same for youth over there as also for volunteers. Thank you for collaborating with this project.

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