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monika maas, Teaming Manager, el 21/11/2022  a las 00:41h

Mensaje del director del colegio:
Bodhi Tree School is currently educating over seven hundred children including two play schools .We have sixty children with special needs .There is a coordinator and two special educators and three classroom assistants .Four teens with special needs receive a stipend Rs 1000 each month each person .The school is affiliated to the department of education ,govt of India .Our donations have substantially been less and we therefore are currently focusing on quality education .We however provide meals to the students and staffs of Special needs .India is witnessing crazy price rise after Covid and we therefore are currently focussing more on academics .Parents of the children are somehow managing to prepare homemade lunch for their kids .
There are fifty girls at the garden of smiles and five interns .Apart from it we have started offering computer classes to forty students after school under our vocational training .The girls at the garden are learning sewing,tailoring and hand embroidery .
We have started agriculture and that ensures rice ,wheat and vegetables .So the new development is that volunteers and special kids and residential staffs are now eating the rice grown by the school .
A small nursery has been set up and it is working incredibly great .Apart from this we have now a five member family of cows .
From cow dung ,the teens are learning how to develop compost .Thus we are growing organic rice and wheat .
Computer lab has recently be more modernized .
We need major funds for Books,stationery ,sanitary pads ,salaries of teaching and non teaching. Apart from it we also need to invest for agriculture .A donation of Euro 1000 ensures that we grow rice and wheat each year.
Our new dream is to buy some electronic rickshaws so that we potentially reduce huge expenses of tuktuks as petrols price has gone almost double in comparision with pre Covid India .
Because of huge price rise ,we have also hiked salaries of staff members thus we have even additional expenses on salaries .
Most of the teachers are trained as we need to follow the instructions of the govt .
Our one of the dream projects is to install solar grids to ensure that we develop as a green campus
In Rural area we sometimes face huge electric issues and solar panels may greatly impact us.
One electronic rickshaw costs about two thousand Euros and one driver of e rickshaw may charge a year 800 Euro as a total salary for the year .And four almost five years we will pay no cost on fuel .we have now many teachers from the city just to improve quality education .One electronic rickshaw can save about eighteen hundred Euro per year as it requires no fuel .
One kilo wat solar panel costs about one thousand Euro and may be of ample benefits .
The students do have multiple career dreams right from defence,engineering ,medicine and others
For the last three years all of our secondary grade students are scoring distinctions in results .Not even one case of child marriage in the last five years
We have almost no cases of school drop outs and even parents are sending toddlers by their shared electronic rickshaws
There is apparent signs of huge attitudinal changes in parents
We are unable to grant new admison as we are packed
The girls in general at our school and in the garden have more confidance and courage .The demonstrate leadership qualities.
Their children will not be the same as they are aware and updated .The marriage age on average has gone twenty and child marriages have ended up .

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