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M. Maaike
M. Maaike, Teamer, el 31/01/2021  a las 18:03h

Hi All,

I'm just in this group. I'm happy to do this for all the stray dogs and cats in George Orfanidis his shelter. I love to help what is in my limit. I'll do selling home made baking things like Dutch 'speculaas' to collect money for shelters like George. I also support a shelter in Gran Ganaria. I really love to assist George and Sam this year in the shelter for some weeks. It ll be nice if we can do something together what makes a big effort for the shelter in upgrading the facilities for the animals and George and Sam as well. Hope we can do great things together. I believe in 'every small step counts and we have to take care of each other, human and animals'.

Greetings from Rotterdam,


Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson, Teaming Manager, el 02/04/2021  a las 05:36h

Hi Maaike, it's good to have you on board. We are really grateful for what you have done for us and thank you for also joining our Teaming.
I half of our followers would join Teaming it would resolve all of our financial needs for a cost to each of a Euro. Teaming is a great way of sharing the burden and helping without asking for lots from a few. And it allows everyone be a part of things for a manageable amount.
Luke is asking for a salami raise on the back of his hard work!

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