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Athens Stray Kittens

Teamers: 77

Recaptat: 1.646 €

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Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt, Teamer, el 08/12/2020  a les 12:10h

We are slowly growing, hoping you all share with your friends.
Now during Covid time the kittens of Greece have even a much more harder time, as well as their fosters. Every penny is so welcome, when you want, extra donations can always be made at paypal or to our bankaccount. Thank you all so much. Have a lovely december month and happy holidays.

Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt, Teamer, el 18/06/2021  a les 09:32h

Slowly growing I noticed. We are up to 75 members. Lovely news. Thank you all in name of ASK, hoping we reach 100 members. <3 <3

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