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Employment and housing for street boys and girls of Bombay

Bombay to Barcelona Library Café is a project founded by Amin Sheikh, a former street kid, where its members come from the same orphanage he grew up. He does not want them to go back on the street once they leave the orphanage, so in the café they receive employment, education, guidance and accommodation. It is also a place where around 80 street kids get food for free every day. The team is growing, help them to get a bigger place and accommodate more boys and girls like them.

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Éste es Nacho, tiene 9 años y sufre la enfermedad de Dent. Ésta enfermedad minoritaria catalogada como "Grave" es una mutación en el cromosoma X que afecta al riñon y le produce la pérdida de sustancias por la orina tales como, cálcio, potasio, fostato, glucosa, agua, etc.. creándole problemas en su musculatura, sus huesos y su estabilidad. Si sólo podemos luchar por la investigación ... así lo haremos, a por todas Nacho !! Por sólo 1 € al mes puedes ayudarnos. Gracias por tu ayuda.

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HOME SCHOOL OF LIFE for young people who are alone.

At the NGO Imaginari-School of the Art of Living 2 years ago we have started an artistic-pedagogical-social project with young people who have immigrated alone to our country. The project is a SCHOOL OF LIFE with 3 activities (a school of values, a work cooperative, and a social floor) that helps them grow as people, integrating themselves culturally, socially and professionally. With one euro a month you help us to help.