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GALGOS EN FAMILIA es un refugio de galgos fundado por Vera Thorenaar. Su trabajo es rehabilitar y conseguir adopciónes. Nuestros galgos se entregan con analíticas hechas, microchip,castrados,cuestionarios y visita de casa y contrato. GALGOS EN FAMILIA is a shelter for galgos founded by Vera Thorenaar.Its main aim is to rehabiltate & find adoptions.Our galgos are adopted chipped,tests,castrated,questionnaires,home visit & contract.

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Vals Podenco Rescate Andalucía

Founded 3 years ago to help the podencos in Spain..To find them homes and to share their plight worldwide..

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GRH (Greyhounds Rescue Holland)

Organization of volunteers that works against neglect and abuse of Galgos in Spain. Relief goods, medicines and financial support to the Spanish shelters. Mediation in adoption of Spanish dogs, events and publications to bring the horrific abuses to the attention. Please join the group and give only 1 € each month, together we can do it!