Emilia Lope

Emilia Lope

Cáceres, Espanha

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Asociación Protectora Villa Pepa

The dog shelter Villa Pepa is a non-profit association whose main objective is the rescue of abandoned animals and the search for a good home for all of them. It is registered and legally registered with number 11079 and CIF G-05231113 in the region of Castilla y León. Villa Pepa does not have a shelter, the animals are in Pepa García's house and other foster houses where they are cared for as if they were one of the family.

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Cantabria Felina

Cantabria felina es una asociación protectora de gatos, de reciente creacion. Nos haremos cargo de los gatos que se encuentren en riesgo vital proporcionándoles un techo, comida y un control veterinario. Y necesitamos ayuda para proporcionarles comida, vacunas, medicinas y terminar de acondicionar el refugio de nuestros felinos.

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Tu euro salva chimpancés en África con el IJG

Founded by famous Dr. Jane Goodall (Messenger of Peace of the UN and Prince of Asturias Award), the IJG is a non-profit organization in the conservation, rescue and rehabilitation of orphan chimpanzees in Africa (visit www.janegoodall.es). Your euro will be transformed into needed food and medicine, and also into local employment and educational activities with the communities of Congo and Senegal. Each month, for the equivalent of a coffee, YOU can make a difference for many living beings...

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El Refugio del Burrito/Donkey Sanctuary Spain

We work together towards a world where donkeys and mules live free from suffering, and their contribution to humanity is fully valued. El Refugio del Burrito is actively involved in causes that encourage the application and improvement of existing laws regarding animal welfare and the promotion of education and awareness campaigns about responsible equine ownership and expert care.