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Destino Uganda

Destination Uganda is a state NGO dedicated to International Cooperation for Development. We fight for the eradication of poverty by defending the rights of children in vulnerable situations. Our project is located in Iganga (Uganda) where we work to improve the living conditions of a shelter for orphans and street children. In addition to giving them security with a home, health and school coverage, we educate them through music.

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Open Arms

L'urgence continue et la Méditerranée ne s'arrête pas. Open Arms repart pour continuer à protéger la vie des plus vulnérables; réaffirmant notre engagement après l'une des missions les plus complexes et les plus douloureuses à ce jour. Ce n'est que de votre main que nous pouvons les sauver. Aidez-nous à continuer.

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WE BELIEVE in the importance of small things, in Love and Enthusiasm working miracles and that Changing the world ... IT'S A CHILD'S THING! Together we push: NOW WE ARE PLANTING TREES AND HOPE! "Love on wheels": Motorcycle doctor with portable ultrasound for rural areas. "Plumpynut": multivitamin food to treat malnutrition. "Victor Mandela": More than 1 million people from south sudan live in northern Uganda. "Pink Revolution" for the wrought of girls to be girls. JOING US!