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Die Niemandshunde von Bihać

We are a small but very strong-willed team, which made it its mission to take care of the forgotten and abandoned dogs of the streets and garbage dump of the city of Bihac in the northwest of Bosnia, to alleviate their suffering and above all to show them that not all people are bad, and that their fate does not leave us unaffected.

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Cvety's u Iva's Hunde- u Katzenglück Bulgarien Foundation withlovetoanimals

Cvety's and Iva's Dog and Cat Happiness, Bulgaria is an animal welfare organization of two young women who tirelessly sacrifice all their free time and energy in a private animal rescue center for abandoned, sick dogs and cats. About 150 dogs and about 50 cats are in urgent need of financial support for food and medical expenses. Donations are absolutely necessary