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Save the Dogs and other Animals

Our mission is the prevention of stray dogs and cats’ overpopulation through neutering and pet protection. Born in Romania in 2002 to protect stray dogs, in 2012 the association inaugurated Footprints of Joy, a facility composed of shelters for abused dogs, cats, horses and donkeys and a veterinary clinic that will save about 2000 animals per year. In the future we will put our know-how at the service of Southern Italy with a dedicated project.

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Associazione Emi–Un rifugio per Randagi Onlus, è una piccola associazione nata Nel 2007.Si sostiene unicamente con donazioni, pertanto i fondi raccolti sono necessari per sostenere tutte le spese occorrenti per la gestione della nostra struttura che ospita circa 45 cani. I cani ospitati provengono da situazioni di incuria e disagio, altri direttamente dalla strada o dai canili stracolmi delle regioni meridionali italiane. Visitate la nostra pag. Facebook Associazione emi onlus per conoscerci.

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Centro Recupero Ricci La Ninna

The "La Ninna" Hedgehogs Recovery Center is located in Piedmont in Novello, in the province of Cuneo in the Langhe and is a center specialized in curing the European hedgehog, in their preservation in order to reinsert them (when possible) in nature in their habitat. The idea of ​​creating a place to care for and assist the hedgehogs was born following the discovery of an orphaned hog of a few grams "Ninna", taken care of by the veterinarian Massimo Vacchetta.