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Rescue Group for Spanish Animals & ALMA

Our group saves the mistreated and abandonned animals mostly in Granada in Spain. The group has been run for many years by Maria Gloria Salinas-Picon. All dogs that we take on as a group are taken first to the vet and treated irrespective of costs. For those who cannot go to a foster residency is paid which is 90E each month. All dogs will have a full health check, micro-chips and vaccinations as well as a passport. Pictures and videos are published on the FaceBook page of the group.

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La casa kuki de manu se dedica al rescate de cachorros y perros que están en peligros siempre tenemos un promedio de 30 perros rescatados no tenemos ayuda necesitamos vuestra ayuda para seguir adelante ahora tenemos 8 ingresos de parvo AYÚDANOS a ayudarles

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Mireya was a galga found in the worst possible conditions in Spain, the had endured the most horrendous torture to be finally hung by her galgueros. She managed to break free and her life was in the hands of the specialists to survive her ordeal. The world lit their candles in her name. Mireya will dedicate her life to helping more of her brothers and sisters having to endure these barbaric acts of torture. Every penny raised will go in aid of helping the abused hunting dogs in Spain.

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Dogma's Pack

Dogma is a real dog mom! She takes care of 19 rescued dogs from different country's all by herself. Stray and shelter dogs who didn't have a chance to happiness. She gives them a live, love and medical care what's hard to do on her one! She also needs a bigger place so she can safe more dogs in need and work with volunteers. Our goal is to raise money to accomplish her dream! Those dogs count on her, I hope we can count on you! If you like our project, please join our group.Thank you!

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Asociación y refugio para animales sin posibilidades ( ASRA )

Somos un refugio de animales en Muro de Alcoy. Tenemos casi 100 animales con enfermedades crónicas, con trauma y que están discapacitados. Somos una familia de 4 y trabajamos con 2 voluntarios.

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Les Chats du Mercantour

Le premier objectif de l'association était de réguler la population féline dans les villages de montagne par la capture et la stérilisation des chats errants. Au fil du temps, l'association a évolué et de nombreux bénévoles ont rejoint l'équipe. Aujourd'hui, l'association continue ses campagnes de stérilisation en les étendant dans tous le département, elle prend aussi en charge des chats abandonnés pour leur trouver une nouvelle famille. En 2016, l’association a pris en charge 467 chats