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Legal Agreements Teaming

3. Terms of use for Teaming Manager user

Requirements to raise funds in Teaming

Any social and non-profit cause can raise funds in Teaming. It includes individuals who want to raise funds to help other individuals with special problems or situations.

To evaluate if a cause can raise funds or not in Teaming, we consider:

  • - The management that the Teaming Manager makes of the Teaming Group and of raised funds.

  • - The nature of the cause.

In any case, we don't judge (and can't be a reason for deleting a Group) the following things:

  • - The ideology, race, religion, nationality or any other personal characteristic of the Teaming Manager. There's one exception: if there's some proven case of crime (fraud, scam, terrorism...).

  • - The ideology, race, religion, nationality or any other personal characteristic of the Teamers.

Requirements for the Teaming Manager Management

The management of the Teaming Manager has to follow every condition specified in the International Statement of Ethical Principle in Fundraising, published by the Spanish Fundrasing Asocitation and in the Behavior Code for Fundraising in Spain. If the Teaming Manager transgresses any of these conditions, the Teaming Group she/he leads, could be deleted or could be transferred to another Teaming Manager.

We consider the Teaming Manager as a fundraiser. Any change of the destination of the funds, has to be approved by the donors. If the donors don't agree with the new destination and they want to keep the current social cause, the Teaming Manager can't change the destination of the funds. It means that the Group belongs to the cause more than to the Teaming Manager.

Requirements of the cause nature

The Teaming Group could be of several natures (social assistance, medical investigation, culture, animal defense...). The only essential requirement is to be a non-profit cause.

The cause has to be social and based on non-profit. That means that every euro raised has to be used to help others, except for the structural expenses of the organization. These structural expenses can't be superior to the 30% of the money raised, according to the law.

We can't accept this kind of Groups:

  • - Social Companies, that wants to improve the society but also want to make a profit.

  • - Teaming Groups that raise funds for illegal, criminal or illicit activities. Neither the ones who support them in a clear way (with opinions, acts or similar).

  • - Teaming Groups that raise funds for personal purposes, except from the basic needs or assistance. Some example: a wedding, a car, a travel...

  • - Business, no matter the stage of the company development.

  • - In any case, the Teaming Group can't say or do anything that contradicts The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Other reasons why we can't delete a Teaming Group
  • - In case that Teaming can't prove the truthfulness of the Group. Teaming makes social engineering to know if a Group is legitimate. In case we couldn't verify the Group by this way, we ask the Teaming Manager for further documentation. If the Teaming Manager can't send us the information, then we will block the Group.

  • - In case that someone reports the Group with strong arguments. Then, the Teaming Manager of the Group has to demonstrate that the accusation is false. During the process, the Group will be paused.

  • - In case that the Teaming Manager spreads the Group in a wrong way. It means, sending the Teamers of other Groups messages advertising his/her own Group, by using the email internal service or the forum of another Group. We consider doing that as especially serious when the Teaming Manager joins a Group just for that and immediately after spreading her/his own Group, leaves it. There's only one exception: if you are the Teaming Manger of several Groups, it's your decision to do that in your own Groups. The first time a Teaming Manager does that, Teaming contact her/him as a warning. The second time, the Group will be blocked immediately.

  • - In case that the Teaming Manager doesn't reply to Teaming. In some occasions, Teaming could ask the Teaming Manager for further information about the Group o for another legal/Teaming policy requirement. All of the three cases we explain above are an example. The Teaming Manager has the duty of replying to the Teaming Team.

Do we accept only causes or social projects running by NGO?

No, it's not a requirement to be a NGO or a Foundation to raise funds with Teaming. Any individual or group can raise funds to support a social cause. For example, the employees of a company that join together to raise funds for helping a Red Cross project or for helping a coworker who needs a wheel chair.