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Frieden für Pfoten- Peace 4 paws e.V.

Meist sind es die Schwächsten und Wehrlosesten, Kranke und Behinderte, die in Krisengebieten am meisten leiden. Das gilt auch für Tiere. Unsere Organisation möchte ihr Elend lindern, widmet sich den Härtefällen, den kranken, verletzten Tieren, die in ihrem Heimatland keinerlei Chance auf Vermittlung haben.Unser Ziel ist die Unterstützung von Partnerorganisationen und privaten Helfern vor Ort, die Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe. Dabei brauchen wir Ihre Hilfe !

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Einfach Tierschutz e.V.

Wir betreiben ein privates Tierheim mit 400 Hunden die wir täglich versorgen und auch behandeln. Wir sind die einzige Hoffnung dieser Hunde und hoffen auf Deine Unterstützung

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Isabella's Tea Cup Rescue Cat Shelter Athens Greece

Tea Cup Rescue is a very small team. that tries to create a green oasis for cats, small farm animals and injured wild life in an urban mini farm setting. We aim to provide stray care, whilst creating a human friendly down to earth enviroment

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Desayunos para educar y proteger en Yemen.

1€/MES que ALIMENTA, EDUCA Y PROTEGE. Yemen vive 1 emergencia humanitaria brutal. Las niñas se dan en matrimonio pensando que las alimentarán. Los niños son reclutados como soldados. Su vida es un infierno; violaciones, embarazos, violencia. Si la escuela alimenta las familias les llevan. Damos CADA DIA leche, pan, huevo/queso/atún y fruta a 1255 niñxs en 2 escuelas para educarles y protegerles y su vida ha cambiado!!!! 1 desayuno=0,50€. 1 niñ@/mes=11€ TOTAL 2 escuelas=13.805€/mes SUMA TU €

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Help for stray animals in Greece

Hello my dears! As you have already read more often, Eri moves as a single fighter in the mountains in northern Greece day after day quite incredible things and can not be discouraged by difficult conditions. We want to support here and buy food or needed medicines. That's why we need you!

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Triantafyllia Petrou

Triantafyllia has a small shelter in Greece and works tirelessly to expand it. Meanwhile, there is a fence and huts for the dogs, but each month the concerns about food and veterinary costs remain the same. Here we would like to support a bit. You can do that with only one euro a month!

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Elephant Nature Park - micro don Europe -

Elephant Nature Park EN : is a sanctuary located at Chiang Mai - Thailand - managed by Lek Chailert who rescues abused and mistreated elephants to give them freedom and happyness until the end of their life. FR : est un sanctuaire situé à Chiang Mai - Thailand - dirigée par Lek Chailert qui sauve des éléphants maltraités et torturés pour leur offrir liberté et tendresse jusqu'à la fin de leur vie.

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Saved Souls Foundation - Stray Animal Rescue Thailand

Saved Souls Foundation is a private animal shelter located deep in the heart of northeastern Thailand, where more than 550 dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade, abusive situations and accidents have found a new, loving home. Every month, we struggle to provide enough food and medication for them. Every month, the expenses are a real burden for us. Please, to ensure a future to our animals, join our Teaming network!

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Project Street Dogs Thailand

Project Street Dogs Thailand is a Dutch non-profit organisation dedicated to helping improve the lives of stray animals on the streets of the Hua Hin Thailand. Our objective is to help reduce the population of stray dogs and cats through sterilisation and to provide relief from hunger, thirst and suffering. We seek permanent homes for puppies, adult dogs and cats whenever possible.To provide all this, we need your help! Become a member of Project Street Dogs Thailand for 1€ per month, thank you!

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We take care for around 500 hedgehogs each year. Main point are hurt, traumatized hedgehogs and those having cancer. The central is in Ober-Wöllstadt/Hessen, another hedghehog station is in Kirchworbis/Thüringen. The organization exists since 2008, before that date we took care for hedgehogs private a couple of years.