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Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs

AVPD, Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs, are a registered charity in Spain (G98900228). Our objective is to find rescue spaces and other safe and caring opportunities for the dogs saved from perreras (dog pounds) and for those found abandoned on the street.

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SAVING DOGS FROM 21 YEARS Our goal is to raise money to save,feed,help the stray dogs and cats we saved frompublicshelters,streets,roads,fields,woods.dogs and cats abandoned which never had a good life and need our help We currently have 167 dogs and 32 cats in our care in four diffrent places because we cannot keep all in one place from lack of space.all babies in our care need food, sometimes treatments,vaccines but everyday we find more and more abandoned Only with peoples help we can save

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Welcome to my Teaming Group. My name is Cristina Icleanu, I’m a Romanian rescuer involved in animal welfare since several years. You can find out more about my work through my FB Page and website Today the emergency is that I must move from the land that I rent to shelter my rescues. I’ve bought a new land located north of Bucharest and I must start to build my future Rescue Center and rehabilitation of traumatised dogs. For 1€ per month be part of a unique project, my Sanctuary

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Asociatia Pro Animals Romania

* MAINTAINING A SHELTER of over 1000 homeless dogs in Tg-Jiu without any help from the authorities. * SPAYING & NEUTERING of pets and stray dogs to control the dog and cat populations. * EDUCATING CHILDREN to understand the importance to treat animals well * HELPING ANIMALS IN NEED in the area e.g. feeding stray dogs, rescuing abandoned & abused animals, filing animal cruelty reports to the police and promoting awareness on animal rights.

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Los Rescates de Carolina

Soy una particular que lucha por encontrar hogar a los animales más desfavorecidos. Carezco de refugio y subvenciones. (Las donaciones se transfieren a una cuenta personal hasta que tenga una para este fin y así pagar las operaciones y necesidades de los animales.)

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Europe4strays Romanian dog rescue ngo

Mirela Mistodinis is a Romanian Dog rescuer and has 160 stray dogs in her care. Mirela is the Head of Europe4strays, a registered Romanian NGO with headquarter in a small village named Bizighesti in the County Vrancea. Financial help is needed to build a Lodge to shelter Mirela's rescued dogs, to buy food, to pay veterinary expenses such as medicines, vaccinations, deworming, anti-fleas, surgeries or skin diseases. Be part of the project by supporting Mirela and Europe4strays.