Catalina Gonzalez Alarcon

Catalina Gonzalez Alarcon

Sevilla, Spanien

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Solidary Wheels

Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of dignity to migrants and refugees who are trapped at the European Union borders, as well as giving a voice to the constant neglect and violations of their rights from the authorities and other institutions. Your support helps us continue in Melilla, providing dignity, giving a voice, denouncing institutional neglect and violations and shining a light on the silenced reality that Europe's Southern border lives in.

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No Name Kitchen

In the last few years Serbia and Bosnia have become transit countries for those people forced to flee from the conflicts of their places of origin. The kitchen is not only a place to distribute food, but also a social hub, a meeting point to share stories, play games, etc. As well as the donations, every hand is needed to move forward, so contact us if you want to volunteer!