CARPE Rescue Shelter

CARPE Rescue Shelter

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CARPE (Care, Adopt, Rescue, Protect, Educate) is a non-profit animal rescue organization from Bucharest, Romania. The mission is to help animals in need, sterilize, looking for proper homes for them, but also educate next generations about animals protection. CARPE has a private shelter for about 150 homeless dogs, cats and other rescued, that needs all the help it can get. Thank you for helping us with a monthly donation of 1 Euro.

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CARPE shelter "CARPE – Care. Adopt. Rescue. Protect. Educate. CARPE is a non-profit animal rescue organization from Bucharest, Romania. Our most important mission includes rescuing abandoned animals, caring for them, treating them when they need medical attention and finding forever homes for them. Moreover, whenever possible, we organize spay & neuter campaigns, as well as educate the next generations about animal care and protection. We have a shelter close to Bucharest. Our shelter is continuously hosting over 200 dogs, 25 cats and one cow, which was saved from slaughter. About 100 of the dogs under our care find forever homes throughout the course of 1 year. However, animal rescue in Romania is a never ending activity. All time we find abandoned dogs and cats which need care, food and safety. Founded in 2016, CARPE has so far rescued ~ 850 dogs and over 30 cats. We managed to find loving families for about 500 of them.

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