Employment and housing for street boys and girls of Bombay

Employment and housing for street boys and girls of Bombay

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Bombay to Barcelona Library Café is a project founded by Amin Sheikh, a former street kid, where its members come from the same orphanage he grew up. He does not want them to go back on the street once they leave the orphanage, so in the café they receive employment, education, guidance and accommodation. It is also a place where around 80 street kids get food for free every day. The team is growing, help them to get a bigger place and accommodate more boys and girls like them.

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Bombay to Barcelona Library Café

Amin Sheikh

Amin fue un niño de la calle en Bombay. Ahora quiere ayudar a los jóvenes que abandonan el orfanato donde fue acogido cuando alcanzan cierta edad abriendo una cafetería-biblioteca donde podrán trabajar y aprender a gestionar un negocio. Colabora con solo 1€/mes a hacer realidad este hermoso sueño.

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Sara Mampel
Teaming Manager

28/05/2021 08:05 h

New opening:

Even though we faced difficulties during this pandemic time, being obligated to stop our activity from the months of March to September 2020, in October we could open again and had a slow but steady recovery. There were many youngsters coming to our café looking for jobs or a place to stay, and even we could cover all our basic expenses, we increased the team.

In the months of December, January and February we almost reached to the pre-covid times sales, and we got the opportunity to open a small canteen in the Holy Spirit Hospital. We started this new initiative as we could offer more job opportunities to the youngsters in need coming to our doors. Unfortunately, in April started the 2nd wave of Covid 19 in India, and we had to stop the Café operation again. The only point of light here, is that the Canteen, being part of the hospital, is considered as basic services, and we can at least cover part of the expenses of the café with it.

We are very lucky to have all these beautiful angels who care about the project, and help us to find opportunities like the Canteen, to make us strong and keep moving.

We are because of you,
Bombay To Barcelona Library Cafe Team

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Caridad Serrano García
Caridad Serrano García

25/02/2021 19:43 h

Hola. Como va todo? Nos podéis informar

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andreu barba sopeña

27/12/2015 20:47 h

Vaig conèixer a l'Amin a traves del Eustace, amic de la meva germana, quan van venir tots 2 a Barcelona. Des de llavors ha canviat molt guanyant seguretat I emprenedoria, ja innata en ell des de els 5 anys quan fugi de casa seva. Ara segueix apuntant a somnis que nosaltres potser considerem impossibles D'un llibre que estic llegint "The Transformative leader" del Amir Ghannad, citant a Michelangelo "El perill no es que apuntem massa alt y fallem, sinó que apuntem baix I encertem". Ell sempre te reptes mes alts. També del mateix llibre "Creure en la transformació abans de veure evidencies de ella. Llavors a poc a poc però segur, es comença a produir la necessitat de incorporar altres persones en el projecte, I llavors un gran nombre de persones creuen en la transformació I no hi ha qui els aturi". Crec que aquestes dues reflexions encaixen en el esperit transformador de l'Amin.

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