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Rescue corvids

Seuls les dons permettent à l'association de fonctionner. Soins des oiseaux en difficulté, accueil de ceux qui ont subis des mauvais traitements, actions de sensibilisation ou lors des abattages de corbeaux,... . Chaque mois, le budget nécessaire au de l'association est de 500e (sans subventions, sans salariés)

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Kind Souls Association - Romania, Alina & Anda Murgu

Our goal is to raise money to sustain and develop the shelter where we have 250 dogs, 40 cats, 2 donkeys and 1 pig located near Bucharest, Romania. Every month we need to salaries for the dogs caretakers, materials for the constructions that we are making, to buy food for dogs and to pay veterinary bills. Please, help us to help them and to offer them a good future! You can see our activity here: https://www.facebook.com/sufletedragi .

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Les Anges de Lumi - pets'save

Les Anges de Lumi is an association created in October 2019. Our team consists of 8 extraordinary girls with a huge heart, we are (in part) adopters of the Refuge from Lumi in Paşcani in ROMANIA. Lumi, who could no longer provide for the needs of the dogs, nor endure the misery, the death of all ... We then decided to react! These dogs who are born in the street, live with fear and hunger .. and finally, they die in suffering.

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Suzi Handicap Animal

Suzi Handicap Animal est une association de sauvetages & de soins pour animaux handicapés du plus petit au plus grand quelque soit l'handicap. Notre but est de les aider et de leur offrir une vie digne grâce à des soins, chirurgies & appareillages (chariots , prothèses....). Les aider, c'est leur apporter des soins, à manger, des équipements, vos dons nous permettent de vivre.

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Association Espoir Réunion

Help & Rescue Take care, get adopted, keep safety and repatriation of stray dogs, homeless or hurt dogs of Reunion Island.