Beatriz Zarra Nieves

Beatriz Zarra Nieves

Huelva, Espanha

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naturalia huelva association

Do you want to help abandoned and abused animals for just € 1 a month? since the foundation in 2010 we rescue dogs and cats. With us they receive the care that we can provide, shelter, food, veterinarian, affection and love. Many arrive in poor physical and emotional condition, thanks to donations from people like you, we can continue. Do you sign up to save lives? We also perform CES (capture, spay and release) of colony cats. Become a teamer and help us help them!

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New shelter Puntanimals

Puntanimals is a non-profit association, created in 2011to help abandoned and maltreated animals. Our facility which is a rented warehouse arranged into kennels is located in the village of Punta Umbria, near Huelva , in Andalucia, south-eastern Spain . We keep and look after about 100 rescued dogs while they wait to find an adoptive family. We need to build a new shelter that's the reason w o a través de facebook:

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Rociana Acoge

Rociana Acoge es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que ayuda a los animales abandonados acogiéndolos hasta que se les encuentra una familia de adopción

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Mazagón Animal

Todo lo recaudado irá destinado a defender los derechos de los animales, con el fin de ayudarles a tener una nueva vida y crear consciencia en respeto animal. ¿Nos ayudas?