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SOS Primates

SOS Primates is a non-profit organization that supports the work of the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center (CRPL). Located in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the center is home to more than 90 chimpanzees and 100 monkeys rescued from poaching and illegal trafficking. In this war-stricken area, the CRPL employs more than 50 local workers and represents the only hope for the protection and survival of these fascinating animals.

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Asoc. Protectora de Gatos. Dedicamos nuestro esfuerzo a mejorar la vida de los felinos, rescatando, recuperando y encontrándoles un hogar, dándoles la oportunidad de una vida digna. Funcionamos con un pequeño refugio y con casas de acogida, con una media total de unos 60-70 gatos a nuestro cargo. No tenemos ayudas de ningún tipo provenientes de entes públicos, tenemos unos gastos mensuales de unos 5000€, por eso nos vemos en la necesidad de buscar socios, madrinas, padrinos...

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Energy Control Madrid. Drug counseling and analysis service

We offer free, anonymous and confidential advice that everyone can access to consult and answer questions about drugs and / or consumption. Since 2011, we also have a substance analysis service in order to inform about their composition and provide advice aimed at reducing risks. Due to the absence of public funding, this service can only be maintained with the solidarity contribution of those who want to bet on it.