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Wear your wings for the Butterfly Children

Can you imagine being afraid to hug your child? This is how the parents of Butterfly Children feel. A rare and incurable condition, which causes the skin to break with the slightest touch. DEBRA-BUTTERFLY CHILDREN CHARITY works to improve their quality of life. By joining this group you are giving them wings.

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A Teaming treballem cada dia perquè més de milers causes socials puguin fer els seus somnis possibles. Des que vam llançar Teaming, entre tots, hem aconseguit més de 33 milions d'euros íntegres per a elles. Teaming és 100% gratuït i sense cap mena de comissió gràcies a les donacions que rebem i als Teamers d'aquest Grup. El nostre somni és arribar a ser autosostenibles mitjançant els Teamers i no dependre de ningú més. Ajuda'ns a ajudar!

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Teaming 4 Ucrania

Due to the emergency situation in Ukraine and in collaboration with the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières, we are doing our bit to help in the Ukrainian crisis, offering medical and humanitarian assistance to the people who need it most: ➡️ surgical kits. ➡️ trauma kits ➡️ medicines for chronic diseases ➡️ supplies for mass casualties. Help us to help! Thank you very much!