Ana Bella Estévez

Sevilla, Spanien

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Friends of the Ana Bella Foundation

The Ana Bella Foundation is a network of surviving women who help 1400 abused women a year to break the silence and start a new life through decent work. For us, a monthly euro is the miracle that has taken us from hosting the first woman in Ana Bella's house ten years ago, to having a network of 8 shelter houses in which we help 20 women who have been abused start a happy life with their children. Thank you for joining this miracle.

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Teaming 4 Teaming

We help more than 8,000 social causes to make their projects possible every day. Since we launched Teaming, we have raised more than 10 Million of Euros for them, totally free of commissions. We have created this Teaming Group to help Teaming Foundation to keep helping the others with this platform. Among other supports, thanks to the Teamers of this Group, Teaming is totally free. Our dream: to be self-sustaining because of this Group. Would you like to join us?

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Lucha contra la leucemia: Fund Josep Carreras

Vamos a apoyar a la Fundación Josep Carreras contra la Leucemia. ¿Sabías que 5 mil personas enferman cada año de leucemia en España, que es el cáncer infantil más frecuente, y que a pesar de los avances logrados aún perdemos a uno de cada cuatro menores y a la mitad de los adultos? La Fundación Josep Carreras lleva 25 años trabajando con el objetivo de lograr que la leucemia sea una enfermedad 100% curable, y vamos a darle nuestro apoyo para que siga adelante.