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Association Owca

L'association Owca a besoin de vous pour prendre en charge des animaux dans le besoin ! Donner 1e par mois, c'est assurer à l'association une rentrée d'argent régulière qui lui permet d'anticiper les futures dépenses et les futures prises en charge ! Merci à vous pour votre générosité !

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Association Ani'Meaux

Animal Protection Association based in the 77, we take care of stray animals, abused, abandoned to provide all the care they need and place them in loving families. We do not have a shelter, we only work with host families.

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Chat'ouille cat's rescue

Animal rescue and protection association in eastern France. Based in the Vosges and Alsace, our association works to sterilize stray cats and find them as much as possible a loving family. Despite the adoption costs paid by the adopters and our regular actions, the care of free cats and the veterinary costs caused by the diseases of abandoned children represent substantial costs. Don't hesitate to support us!