5Cats Opvang voor katten met een handicap

5Cats Opvang voor katten met een handicap

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The 5Cats Foundation takes care of cats that have a disability, the cats lack a front or rear leg, have ataxia, FIV or brain damage. These cats stay with our Foundation permanently. Taking care of these cats requires a little extra. In addition to providing good nutrition to keep their immune systems up and running, these cats also need to see a vet more often if they get sick. This group has been specially set up to contribute a little to the high costs..

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Medical bills for de cats at the Foundation 5Cast

Medical bills

At the moment we have a few sick cats who need a lot of medical car

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Lea Gesser
Lea Gesser
Teaming Manager

26/06/2022 11:02 h

At the moment we have a difficult time. Two sick cats and my health is also not very good. I need a back operation very soon. Teh two sick cats are Kaatje, unexplained loss of weight and Miss Daisy, who has no eyes, but is scratching the eye socket and now has a hole in it.

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