Yvonne Riera Schöngarth

Barcelona, Espanya

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Caminatas Solidarias SEAT&CUPRA

We are a group of SEAT employees, friends and family who help to improve the planet with reforestations and plastic collections in our solidarity walks, we also do a quarterly vote of the teaming group to choose the foundation where we are going to donate the group's money. A way to help different associations and foundations that need it. We also collaborate with other volunteer actions that require our help.

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Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation

We contribute to fund the mission of the Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation so that all children and adolescents with cancer have a better prognosis and quality of life. More information: http://www.richifoundation.org

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Breakfast to educate and protect in Yemen

1€/MES que ALIMENTA, EDUCA I PROTEGEIX. El Iemen viu una emergència humanitaria brutal. Les nenes es donen en matrimoni pensant que les alimentaran. Els nens són reclutats com a soldats. La seva vida és un infern; violacions, embarassos, violència. Si l'escola alimenta, les famílies els porten. Donem llet, pa, ou/formatge/tonyina i fruita a 1680 nens i nenes a 3 escoles i la seva vida ha canviat!!! 1 esmorzar=0,60€. 1 mes=12€. TOTAL 3 escoles=20.173€ SUMA-T'HI!