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Pfotenhilfe Handicap- und Straßentiere e.V.

Der Verein Pfotenhilfe Handicap- und Straßentiere e.V. unterstützt im Schwerpunkt Handicap,Tiere im In-und Ausland, die ohne Hilfe durch ihre Beeinträchtigung keine Chance hätten. Ein Handicap kann durch einen Unfall oder Misshandlungen entstehen. Aber ist auch oft angeboren oder die Folge einer Krankheit. Diese Tiere benötigen unsere Hilfe!!

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Varna’s Samtpfoten

Varna’s Samtpfoten is an unregistered association, which has made it its mission to help the animals on the streets of Varna in Bulgaria. We try to save the cats and dogs from further suffering and give them a suitable home - and all this on a voluntary basis.

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Tierschutz Auktionen

Wer will diese tolle Gruppe monatlich mit 1 Euro unterstützen? Das gesammelte Geld fliesst in den Notfall Pott wo Menschen geholfen wird die in eine finanzielle Notlage gekommen sind. Mach mit und werde Teil des ganzen

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MayaCat Rescue-Every life is worth saving

It all started with the street cat Maya, you can find her story on our Facebook page. The Mayacat Rescue team takes care of street cats on the island of Korcula with a lot of love and heart. Street cats will be treated and neutered with your donation. Street kittens come to care homes, are treated, chipped, tested, vaccinated, neutered and placed in a loving forever home. Let us fight together against the unbearable suffering of the street cats.

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FIP bei Katzen kein Todesurteil mehr

Hello! The deadly disease is called FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Since the beginning of last 2020 this disease does not have to be fatal and for all animal lovers, in this case especially with regard to cats, this is a blessing. The donations are donated to the association: donated. They are very committed to FIP cats. This should cover veterinary bills. The treatment costs a lot anyway. Thanks very much

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Tierrettung Unterland e.V.

The Animal Rescue Service Unterland ensures a fast and professional first-aid for animals (domestic and wildlife) in need. The operation area (in northern Baden-Württemberg, Germany) covers 7 districts with a total of 4500 squarekilometers. Thanks for your great support! #animalrescue #animalrescuservice #volunteer #twentyfourseven #ourtimeforanimalinneed