Vanessa Salinas

Vanessa Salinas

Barcelona, Spagna

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We are an association formed by volunteers who love these little beings that one day sneaked into our lives. We help to feed and control colonies of cats in Barcelona, rescuing and giving up abandoned puppies and adult cats. We want to raise awareness about respect and responsible ownership as the only way to solve the dramatic situation of homeless cats. You can be part of this, cheer up.

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Cats Home BCN

Unique space and shelter for a small group of cats for adoption. Singular space in Barcelona, ​​a must for cat lovers. A different, beautiful and cozy shelter, a home for the cats that live in it, and a place where humans want to come and spend long hours. Timeless home to a small group of cats that are difficult to adopt, where priority is given to adults, fearful puppies, or those who suffer from any health or behavioral problems.

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Sonrisa de Gato

Somos particulares que intentamos AYUDAR GATOS de colonia y abandonados. Tenemos rescatados delicados. Nuestro objetivo es conseguir la PROTECCIÓN Y RESPETO que se merecen, haciendo control de colonias, esterilizándolos, ayudandolos y formando a sus cuidadores. Los gatos han sufrido del abandono y la indiferencia por parte de algunos durante años, y muchos queremos que esto acabe YA! ¡Gracias a todos los que creéis que esto puede ser posible y os hacéis teaming de nuestro grupo! Gracias!