Twilight - la maison de retraite pour les chiens

Twilight - la maison de retraite pour les chiens

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Twilight is an association registered under French Loi 1901, W242001328. Established in 2009, more than 400 elderly, disabled and sick dogs have passed through its gates. It has also inspired many people to welcome an old or disabled dog into their life in supported Outreach. Situated in the Dordogne, in the family home of Leeanne and Michael Whitley, all dogs live as family for their remaining days. Your monthly donation will help Twilight cover costs for the current 50 dogs it supports.


Elizabeth Koval
Elizabeth Koval
Teaming Manager

29/06/2024 13:02 h

Leeanne’s end-of-month musings on Twilight life. As I sit and ponder a moment at the end of June … what a funny old month! Weather apart, it seems a topsy old time. We have had 10 delicious visiting puds at various times, either holiday or sickness cover for our outreach family and friends. They have all adapted amazingly, especially our own puds who cope with the comings and goings. I am proud of them all.

We have some very poorly volunteers just now, privacy is needed at such times, but we send out our heartfelt love and soon to be well or more comfortable wishes to each of them. As for requests for more to join our little Twilight household, sadly those calls keep coming. This month’s requests seem to have had a common theme of the puds concerned losing their toileting control. I know it can be difficult … but mops and buckets and nappies are soon got used to, if you can. You too might need that kind of support one day!

Sadly, we continue to lose monthly supporters due to financial pressures. We quite understand, but it is for sure putting pressure on us to keep the regular income coming in. That is why YOUR support in this Teaming Group is so important to us. We thank and welcome all the new supporters who have joined us in June - we are now up to 37! Can we reach 50 by the end of the year?

Hold on tight everyone through July. As our annual visiting sparrow who taps at the window reminds me, life is to be enjoyed with the simplest of moments and joy.

We all send the greatest pudding love to you all xxx

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Frances Small
Frances Small

22/02/2024 18:47 h

Thanks for everything you do and all your love xxx

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