Tiny Shelter Albufeira - Portugal

Tiny Shelter Albufeira - Portugal

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Tiny Shelter got it’s name because of the size of the shelter. Isabel Searle and her army of animal advocates rescue animals from all over the Algarve but primarily Albufeira and surroundings. Most of them are in a desperate state, from neglect, abuse, starvation or illnesses. Once rescued they are immediately treated and when sufficiently recovered, moved to the shelter to recuperate and cared on a purely volunteer basis. So help us to help them! Thanks

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Help for dogs

Tiny Shelter Albufeira

We use the money for necessary and important medical treatment and food for all the dogs in our shelter we rescued abandoned, mistreated, chained or strayed. We not only feed our shelter dogs but also give food to poor owners and to street dogs So we need every Euro to help! As you know, funds are transferred through a personal account because we are a group of individuals and no association!

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