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Ehrenamtliche Tierschutz-Pflegestelle. Liebevolle Pflege für ausgesetzte und mutterlose Katzenbabys. Du willst dich näher über uns informieren? Gerne! Schau bei Facebook oder Instagram nach @minixkatz oder auf www.minikatz.de

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Strays of Porto Heli

This group supports Stefan and Jutta, a German expat couple, in their work with the street animals in Porto Heli/Greece. They look after, care for and treat almost 50 straydogs every day. About 30 dogs live together with them on their property, the Ark. If you want to know more about Stefan's and Jutta's work with the dogs, you can find us on Facebook "Porto Heli's Strassentiere-Strays of Porto Heli".