The Avalon Project - Initiative for a Culture of Peace

The Avalon Project - Initiative for a Culture of Peace

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This is an educational and activist NGO which aims at the construction of a global culture based on non-violence, social justice and a deep respect for the planetary Community of Life and the Earth. We are training in Deep Activism, an activism based on deep experiences and, from there, in profound motivations. On the other hand, we are working on two global projects in collaboration with the Earth Charter Secretariat and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

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The Earth Stories Collection and other projects of Avalon

The Avalon Project

The beneficiary is The Avalon Project. With this money we will finance our educational programmes The Earth Stories Collection, a global bank of traditional stories for the construction of a more peaceful, fair and sustainable civilisation. / El beneficiario es el Proyecto Avalon. Con este dinero financiamos nuestros programa educativos y La Colección de Historias de la Tierra, un bando global de relatos tradicionales para la construcción de una civilización más justa, pacífica y sostenible.

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