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Melimbos Auffangstation für Tiere

Unterstützung für Melimbos Auffangstation für Tiere. Unsere Aufgaben: - Auffangstation für Tiere in Not - Pflegestelle / Betreuung / Pension - Vermittlung von Tieren - kleiner Gnadenhof - Patenschaften für Tiere

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Help for Ukrainian animals

We support 2 projects , in the cities of Chuguev and Ismajil . It is important for us to carry out active animal protection in our own country, our priorities are neutering whether of roads – animals as well as of animals of private persons. Raising awareness to give the animals a voice. We build quarantine & infirmary, animal welfare is just as important to us as humanitarian aid, because this is the only way it can work, “NOT ONE, BUT TONE”

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HELP Teddy Alex Shelter Romania (206 dogs & cats)

My name is Alexandra Sarau, I am from Bucharest, Romania and beside my job as a Freelance Translator of English and Italian, I run also a shelter of 206 rescued dogs and cats that are constantly prepared for adoption while some will always remain in my care. I need YOUR help with the monthly expenses for their food, rent of the land, vet bills, transport, medicines, cleaning. Only with people's help and support I can rescue, spay and get adopted more dogs or cats