TANAMERA Hunting Dog Rescue

TANAMERA Hunting Dog Rescue

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Tanamera rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Spanish hunting dogs. Without exception, they enter our shelter being only skin and bones and food is their first need. Our refuge suffers to pay the food bill for our dogs, that often need special food (liver / heart problems, recovery & puppy food). On average we need 335 euros PER MONTH to be able to give them the food they need. We need your help to ensure we can feed our dogs, not only today, but every month. Please help us feed them. Thank you!

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So many new podencos have arrived. Poor souls abandoned by their hunters, too afraid to trust people, wandering around in fear. We are desperately trying to help them, even when the shelter is full and funds are low. Besides medical care, we buy collars to protect them from getting ill, provide the best food and make sure they see the vet regularly. Please see our facebook page Tanamera Rescue for our daily rescues and updates xx Thanks for your help..we cant do this without you!

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Jacky Tanamera
Jacky Tanamera
Teaming Manager

29/04/2019 13:06 h

At the moment TANAMERA cares for 27 dogs, of which 20 podencos and 4 galgos. We are totally non profit and run by volunteers only. Because of the amount of work that goes into rehabilitating and caring for our dogs, we don’t often put updates on Teaming. Please see updates and news on our facebook page. Just type Tanamera Rescue in the search bar and voila! We look forward to seeing you on Facebook for a more interactive cooperation. Thank you! Love Jacky, Shelter manager of Tanamera.

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Lida Luinge
Lida Luinge

24/01/2021 13:34 h

Gracias por ayudar a los galgo’s

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Jacqueline Brugman
Jacqueline Brugman

15/11/2017 15:29 h

Lets all pray for the 3 newborn puppies. Jacky is doing everything she can to keep them alive!

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