Streetdog Care Teaming Group ,Nepal

Streetdog Care Teaming Group ,Nepal

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This teaming group has been created to support the efforts of an NGO called Streetdog care in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their incredible work is helping sick and injured dogs from the streets of Kathmandu , giving free shots against rabies and other diseases, and raising the consciousness of the Nepalese people toward the well-being of the 22,00 stray dogs living in the streets of Kathmandu

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Streetdog Care, Nepal

Streetdog Care , Kathmandu

The project in Kathmandu aims to help animals, especially dogs, who live in the streets of the City. They pick up injured or sick dogs and take care of them at their center. It is a no-kill center, so the aim is to find the animals homes, and if not, they stay at the center indefinitely. The NGO also spends Saturdays at one of the main squares providing free shots and medical care for people with animals. I spent a week as a volunteer at the center and was truly touched and impressed .

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betsy parks
Teaming Manager

10/12/2019 16:28 h

Ya, por fin, han confirmado los datos bancarios y han transferido 348 euros a la ONG en Kathmandu. A continuación os voy a contar los proyectos actuales de esta ONG. Muchas gracias por no daros la baja, pero he tenido dificuldad con la transferencia. Ahora, como han confirmado los datos bancarios no voy a tener problemas en enviar el dinero. A ver si puedo captar más socios!

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betsy parks
Teaming Manager

07/08/2017 14:15 h

Hola a todos, he recibido un e-mail de TEAMING y me dicen que hemos recaudado 31 euros para mandar a Street Dog Care en Kathmandu, Es algo, y allí valdrá mas por supuesto. Estoy buscando mas TEAMERS, y a ver si tengo suerte. Otra vez, muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo

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betsy parks
Teaming Manager

30/03/2017 20:22 h

Hi Ana, I have just seen that you are the first memver to join the group. Thank you so much. I'm now in the process of looking for other members ( I was away until now and couldn't do anything with the group. Hope to have more members soon

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