Stephanie Martinez


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Habibi Center

We are a small nonprofit association established in Spain as Asociación Española Habibi Center ( We have been working in Greece since 2016 providing a safe space where refugee youth can participate in various educational activities through the English language (as well as preparing them for official Cambridge exams). In this space, our students also learn to express themselves and to acquire the tools necessary to obtain a brighter future.

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Amigos de Ritsona

We are an association with a great challenge: to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of refugees. We operate mainly in Athens and in the refugee camp of Ritsona (Greece). More information on our website:

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Lleida pels refugiats

Som una associació conformada per voluntaris i voluntàries, qui treballem per dignificar la vida de les persones refugiades i migrades tant a escala local com a escala global! Actuem a una Maternitat a Atenes que acull dones refugiades en situació de vulnerabilitat, als Campaments Sahrauís amb un projecte de millora del sistema educatiu a les escoles, al territori local amb accions de denúncia i xerrades de sensibilització, i amb enviaments de materials i menjar a diversos camps de refugiats.