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Solidary Wheels

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Solidary wheels is a non-profit association that operates in the border city of Melilla. Our objectives include providing legal and psycho-social support to people on the move and people from Melilla who are in an irregular administrative situation, monitoring, documenting and denouncing human rights violations and bureaucratic repression in the city, and social and political advocacy to change the policies that promote such rights violations.

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Solidary Wheels

Solidary Wheels - No Borders for Human Rights

Solidary Wheels aims to give a voice to those made most invisible and vulnerable by institutions at Europes Southern Borders. We strive to denounce the numerous fundamental rights violations that occur in Melilla every day and to change the situacion by making these violations visible. Our goal is to also provide dignity to those living outside official centers in Melilla, who are most abandoned and forgotten by the institutions.

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