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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Water For Yemen

We give DRINKING WATER to families in Yemen, displaced from their homes by the war. They suffered an epidemic of cholera since 2017, one of the highest mortalities from COVID19 in the world and a shocking infant mortality. With your EURO we buy and fill WATER TANKS in camps for displaced persons and in schools. We currently have 33 in 3 camps and 13 in 5 schools. (735 thousand liters / month) Yemen needs more water to save lives! 1€ pays 100 liters. JOIN US, you are necessary!

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Frühstück für Bildung und Schutz im Jemen

1€= Schutz und Bildung. Jemen erlebt eine brutale humanitäre Notlage. Mädchen werden zwangsverheiratet, damit sie nicht verhungern. Jungen werden als Soldaten rekrutiert. Ihr Leben ist eine Hölle der Gewalt. Familien schicken ihre Kinder eher in die Schule, wenn es dort sichere Mahlzeiten gibt. Wir verteilen Milch, Brot, Eier, Obst an 1680 Kinder in 3 Schulen, für Bildung und Schutz-und ihr Leben hat sich verändert! 1 Frühstück=0,60€; 1 Monat=12€; Insgesamt 3 Schulen/Monat= 20.173€.

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Fighting undernourishment in Yemen

1 out of 5 children younger than 5 years old in Yemen suffer acute undernourishment (2.3 million children). 500.000 are in risk of dying. Their families have no money to bring them to the hospitals or to keep them there. SSF under medical oversight, give food, medication and diapers as they either leave hospitals and go home, or as we are reported about they, and until they are recovered. We also aid specific situations as triplets. 1€ pays the milk for 1 day/1 baby. With 4€ we buy milk packs.