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Saving Macedonian Strays

We are a group of dedicated animal rescuers who are raising vital funds for Saving Macedonian Strays (UK RC 1170041) to purchase land to develop a purpose-build animal shelter with on-site veterinary facilities in Macedonia (FYROM). The team is currently caring for 200+ stray dogs and cats at a temporary shelter that is not fit for purpose or connected to any utilities. Please help us to realise our dream of creating a centre of excellence in a country where animal abuse is prolific.

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Los Caballos Luna España

La asociación tiene como objetivo el rescate, recuperación y reubicación mediante la adopción de caballos maltratados, abandonados o en peligro a causa de la crisis, y de ayuda a las familias que ya no pueden hacerse cargo de ellos. Otro objetivo es el de servir de asilo o de lugar de retiro, para caballos viejos, lisiados o que simplemente han dejado de ser útiles a sus propietarios. Sin que esto sea muy costoso para ellos.

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SoS Antalya's Street Dogs

We are a group of volunteers who help stray dogs of Antalya (Turkey), who live in terrible conditions: they are run over or shot at for fun, chained up, maltreated, starved and hurt. The non-profit organisation is headed by Marina and Linn, who run a shelter and feeding grounds in Antalya. They catch the dogs that are incapable of surviving on their own, give them food and the medical care they need and find them a good home abroad.