Sheila Ayuso

Madrid, Spanien

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La Vida Color Frambuesa Animal Sanctuary

We are a multispecie animal refuge, all the animals who live here have come to us from abusive situations or because they had no other options. Our goal is that the animals that have arrived here have the best quality of life possible and with their stories people get to know them and understand that all lives matter.

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Liberty Soul Sanctuary

2018. 1 year and we managed to rescue 138 animals, 60 inhabitants. We dream of a definitive place, large and equipped, to make a great step in the welfare of animals, a rescue center, a sanctuary-reserve in an environment as natural as possible where endangered and unrecoverable animals that would be slaughtered were or unprotected may have hectares away from hunting grounds and human activity. With a team of experienced caregivers, veterinarians and volunteers dedicated to this big family.

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La Casita de Lluvia

La Casita de Lluvia es un nuevo hogar para los animales rescatados víctimas de las granjas de explotación y del abandono, donde les ofrecemos un lugar libre de sufrimiento y lo importante es el bienestar de cada individuo proporcionándoles los cuidados y protección necesaria para que vivan felices y en libertad. Promovemos el veganismo como una alternativa ética y sana, respetuosa para los animales y la naturaleza.