Sociedad para el Cuidado de los Animales que lo Necesitan

Sociedad para el Cuidado de los Animales que lo Necesitan

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Bienvenido al equipo de SCAN. En la Costa Blanca, rescatamos, rehabilitamos y damos en adopción gatos y perros abandonados y maltratados Con personal totalmente formado de voluntarios y financiado totalmente por donaciones, todos los animales bajo nuestro cuidado reciben un refugio, alimentos, atención veterinaria y reciben toda atención para que estén sanos, felices y listos para la adopción. Cada año encontramos hogares acogedores a más del 95% de nuestros animales

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SCAN 2021

Continuing through the Covid Crisis

No matter what, SCANs doors remain open every day to take in abandoned and abused animals. Sadly, this includes cute kittens and puppies obtained during the covid lockdown that are no longer wanted as older cats and dogs. SCAN will tend to their physical and emotional scars and then find forever homes with loving and responsible owners. Teaming is crucial to help us meet our monthly bills for medical care, food and vital supplies.

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Barry Caulfield
Barry Caulfield

01/12/2017 19:11 h

The Society for the Care of Animals in Need is an independently financed cat and dog rescue and re‑homing centre. We are funded entirely by donation. The centre, opened in 2012, has seen over 2000 adoptions, animals rescued from abuse, hunger and disease, animals now in forever homes living the remainder of their lives loved and valued.

We require donations:
To make veterinarian care available the moment our dogs or cats need it; to keep up our high standards of hygiene. We are proud that the cleanliness of our centre is often the first thing mentioned by both visitors and inspectors. To feed our residents. Newly admitted or sick dogs can need 4 meals a day. To fund our next major project, the building of special accommodation for older animals to make their remaining years comfortable and stress free.

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Shirley Anne Patrick
Shirley Anne Patrick

21/11/2017 18:56 h

This charity is based in Costa Blanca North Spain,near Denia. It has built a cat and dog shelter with 24 hour care staffed wholly by volunteers. Funding is through activities organised by it's volunteers and membership base. All funding is through donations and every euro counts.

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