Sandra Estevez Carrera

Sandra Estevez Carrera

Barcelona, Spagna

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Daniel necesita tratamiento

Daniel is five years old, lives in Uganda and in 2019 he had a stroke. Since then he can barely move his left arm and leg. He is on chronic medication, he needs splints, jabs... which the Ugandan healthcare system does not take on, the cost is on the family, which barely manages to subsist. We need your help so that this little one can continue to grow up happily and, like our children, have the right to health care and treatment.

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La Fundación tiene como misión promover las actividades de la Asociación de Hemiparesia Infantil, apoyar a las familias de niños/as con HEMIPARESIA - HEMIPLEJIA, concienciar a todos los ámbitos sociales de la existencia de la hemiparesia, que sigue siendo poco conocida a pesar de su elevada frecuencia, y mejorar su prevención, tratamiento, investigación y, en especial, la calidad de vida de los niños y niñas y sus familias.

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We guarantee daily breakfasts and quality education in Mali

Djouma is a small NGO that defends the right to inclusive and quality education in Bamako. With your support in Teaming, we will be able to cover the breakfast of students who hold a grant from our Kalan Yiriwa program. The program supports young people at risk of dropping out, and guarantees their school fees, a health fund, tutoring classes, and a daily breakfast. With 1€ we can cover 3 breakfasts. With 5 Teamers we guarantee a daily breakfast for one child for a whole month. Join and share!