Sacha Oliva

Cádiz, Spanien

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Asociación Huellas Gaditanas

Somos una asociación protectora de animales sin animo de lucro. Rescatamos perros de la calle y acogemos en casas de acogida hasta buscarle un hogar. Necesitamos mucha ayuda, tanto recursos humanos, como materiales y económicos.

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Asociación GatoPerro

We are rescued from stray animals and taken out of Chiclana's kennel. We keep 25/30 animals continuously in shelters that we cover their nutrition, and some medications are in residence, (€ 100 / month) As soon as they are rescued, WE BID FOR THE IMMEDIATE VETERINARY ATTENTION, without limits, We are endorsed by more than 100 animals ADOPTED annually and many years of experience. But for all this we need the help of all of you. COLABORA UNETE DONA ..